The Gold List Vintage Philosophy

The Gold List Vintage philosophy and pricing

If we had it our way, every wardrobe would consist of 50% secondhand pieces.

The Gold List Vintage specializes in sportswear, music merch, historically Black cherishables, and essential basics. Each piece receives a price based on its condition and rarity. 

Every piece we collect for you is professionally cleaned and treated. However, it is not our goal to remove all markings, repair all tears, or treat all stains. These are signs of a well-loved and unique piece. Wear them with pride! 

The Gold List Vintage terminology

RESURRECTED - Second-hand pieces curated for their wearability, trendiness, or just because they look fucking cool.

VINTAGE - Pieces that are typically 20+ years old and are the core of The Gold List Vintage wardrobe

RARE - It’s hard as hell to find a piece like this in this condition at this price

COLLECTORS - Second-hand pieces that will hold a lot of value in the future. We recommend purchasing these pieces if you see a notable figure or place that you love. Rock them now or keep them safe for later.